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I grew up in the small, picturesque town of Hudson. The warm summer breezes, the waves of the lake lapping on the rocks, every beautiful sunset fed this hopeless romantic heart of mine for many years. I’ve always been a creative person - creating things has always been a passion. It started with fine art with sketching from a young age and many painting classes throughout college and university which was intertwined with my educational career as a graphic designer. From an early stage in my education, I knew I wanted to work in the world of weddings. Before photography was part of my life, my plan was to run my own business providing couples with all their paper wedding needs from invitations and menus to beautiful signage and thank you notes! A few years later I picked up a camera, went to school and everything changed for me...

Except my love for weddings. 

Human connections are a large piece from where I draw my inspiration. The little whispers between lovers, the meaningful smiles and warm embraces. Hearty laughter, loving glances and playful smirks. These are the things that drew me so intensely to become a wedding photographer. 

xoxo Sam